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Serving Nevada including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Blue Diamond, and Boulder City since 1997!

Serving Nevada including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Blue Diamond, and Boulder City since 1997!

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Jul 12

Written by: Ed Albrecht
7/12/2009 6:12 AM 

With the Summer months upon us, no wonder the first consideration a home inspector in Las Vegas will concern himself about is air conditioning. Today, most of us use a Laser Thermometer to read the vent outputs. From the ceiling a reading between 50-56 degrees is considered satisfactory as the cool air falls into the room and brings room temperature to 68-70 degrees (for testing) should be adequate for a household.

Remember, should an inspector report the a/c is not cooling or operating at an acceptable level, the first thing you should do after the inspection is to book a licensed HVAC company. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL AFTER CLOSING! You do not want any surprises. Find out what is happening. It could be as simple as a loss of freon (Usually meaning there is a slight leak and should be attended to) or it could mean there is far greater repair or replacement needed to the unit.

We know it is easier for us to schedule service calls once in the property, but once in the property there is no recourse as far as getting assistance with payment or reimbursement. Once you know what is involved with the system you can then make an informed decision to go ahead with the purchase or rethink your options. Take the guess work out of the equation.

Not listening to the home inspector can be costly and no home inspector wants you to spend money foolishly on unnecessary service calls. However, if a service call is recommended take heed. This will save you money, aggravation and frustration.

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